Friday, 22 November 2013

Get up and dance!

Feel like you need to pump up your energy 'cause you're in a slump? All alone at home? Don't have time to go out for a workout, run or even walk? Don't feel like putting on pants? Well, I have a solution for you my friend!

Dance it off! Shake your ass with the help of this coming collection of songs.

Just press play and shake the gloom away!

Pants optional. Curtains recommended.


  1. This song collection is great! I always have a problem to pull up my socks and go out for a jog or doing some sports. The good thing is that I like to dance, even at home in front of the mirror. The bad thing is that after 10 or 15 minutes I'm already tired and i give up. So i guess this song collection will help me strengthen my ambition and like you say "shake the gloom away".

  2. I totally agree! We have a treadmill at home but I never had the motivation to use it. When I read your post I said to myself: "Come on, try it out with this song!" And I can tell you it really worked!!!! I started to have fun while running and I am using the treadmill almost every week now! So thanks for your "motivation song"!;)

  3. G'day Abi,
    I'am totally confirm with this post. I had to learn dancing for a casting and you have to know, I do a lot of sports. My usually thoughts about dancing was, that its something for woman, but it was a big mistake. It was harder than every workout before. One hour dancing is like 3 hours in a gym. Promise me, you lose your weight...
    My hole body hurts and I can't move after one lesson. The first songs are very hard to dance for beginners, if they want to dance it one the beat. But it is the perfect sound for a good motivation.

    Best wishes, free apache