Monday, 21 October 2013

'GERMANY is bad for your waistline...'

Off to a new country! Off to new experiences! Off to new, healthier, better habits! Off to a new life! Off to a foreign country for 6 months, and when I go back home, I'll look totally different! 

It was with this idea (but not solely) that I went up to Germany last September 11th, intent on shedding a few summer-acquired weight apart from gaining scholastic knowledge and new experiences. We’ll be away from comfortable, homey food and busy with life after all, right? However it soon became apparent, after sampling the various local delicacies available and (very) frequent trips to the Mensa (canteen to those of you who speak the dear Queen's English), that a bit more of work need be done for such a goal to be achieved.

It was after failing to say no to a potato in a delicacy form or other that I sighed for another time, '...this is bad for my waistline.' To which, my recently acquired local friend replied - 'GERMANY is bad for your waistline!' Point taken. Message delivered. Time to put those nice expensive trainers I brought with me to good use. To exercising we go! 

Now, please direct your attention to the name of this here little bloggity. Body Rookie. I am in no way, shape or form and expert on personal fitness. Or, for that matter, do I have any clue. I am basically clueless. All I am is (partially) well-read and equipped with determination and goodwill, as well as Google search.

Along with these, I am also kitted out with the smart 21st century rookie exerciser’s best friend - a smart phone! So, join me on my quest to a better, healthier life, on which I will be posting reviews of Apps one could use, along with motivating music, frequent regimens, tips and trick which I learn along the way, along with food and recipes. However, this will not, as much as I can help it, be a calorie-counting page, I promise. A girl's gotta have fun along the way, after all ;)

Coming up: the first run. Will it really be a run? How far will I manage to go? And how long will I keep this up? Stay tuned. 

P.S: Do you have any music that pumps you up and keeps you motivated?

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  1. I definitely agree with you!
    It's impossible to be on a diet here in Germany. I mean all the fried wurst and schnitzel, they're impossible to say no to!! However, I do believe that the 'mensa' food helps you maintain your diet, just taking some lettuce would be wiser than taking all the fried food everyday! I think they you should invest in a health campaign or provide more healthy food to the students.

    I look forward to reading more ! :)